Hi World..!

This is Vishakha from New Delhi, India.

Here you’ll find my experiences through reading some of my favourite books, complete with all it made me feel.

I am a Whovian. So at some point in time, I will write about The Doctor.
I graduated in Physics, because it answers all, well, most of my questions. Fair warning, it probable will get a bit nerdy sometimes.

I’m working towards a career in Public Service, because a deep-seated desire to work for my country drives me forward. Any patriot can relate to that. So I wish to write a bit about anything that troubles me, as a citizen of India, or of the world.

Building my library, one book at a time. So, feel free to give me ideas on what book to read next. Bibliophiles of the world unite!
Also, anything I find remotely interesting, I will try to put it up here in the most exquisite words I can find. So stick around if we share anything in common, or not 🙂

Check out Hello Blogging for a little bit more !


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